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Has it really been 10 months since I posted?

Holy crap XD

I guess I do most of my updating on Facebook now, and I have been bereft of computer for a few months now up until the other day.

Quick update then, for anyone that cares:

♥ Blissfully happy in my love life. Happier than I ever thought possible to be honest. Keeping this one.
♥ Doctors still unsure of what ails me. Obviously some sort of inflammatory / immune disease. Used to talk about MS, never did get called about the spinal tap, now we're talking about Fibromyalgia. *sigh* Someday I'll have a definitive diagnosis instead of a long list of symptomatic separate diseases. I need to believe this.
♥ I miss having a paycheck.
♥ My family and friends are AWESOME.
♥ Not playing as much Warcraft.
♥ Not knitting (arthritis is getting bad).
♥ Reading a lot more.
♥ Facebooking a lot more, but less Zynga games.
♥ Taking pictures and videos again. Art supplies are out and staring me in the face, telling me I need to work on my art again, that my future may lie there if I could just muster my guts up and fricken TRY again.
♥ Started watching TV again for a bit, then OLN stopped playing Man VS. Food and I stopped watching TV again XD Evil box anyway...
♥ OMG NETFLIX. Need I say more?
♥ I miss people.
♥ I'm currently terrified that Nemo is dying.
♥ I have a new-ish kitten named Josephine, although she thinks her name is Little One since that's what I call her all the time. Ike is her surrogate mom.
♥ I've actually been feeling better lately *knocks on wood* in the IBD area. 1/2 of that is adjustment.

That covers most of it I think...
I'll try to update more than once a year XD


Good to hear things are going relatively well! I've missed hearing from you.