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12 years in March?!

Wow, this journal has been around a while, huh :)

I miss writing here. On Facebook most of my status updates are only a sentence or two. Here I used to talk a bit more about what was going on with my life, for the few of you who were interested. I really should come back here more often, make posts with some meat, leaving the vagueness to Facebook ("Nope, Chuck Testa.")


rambling stream of 3am disreality? god knows...

12 years... funny how different things are now from then. back then, most anybody's website was novel somehow & interesting, and by and large safe to go to with no worries. no corporate sites, no tracking cookies, no hassles... -in fact, i used to love to make up urls and try 'em in my address bar to see if they existed.

since then though, i have to admit i've learned of a lot of a cool sites i'd missed back then for all their obscurity. stuff's easier to find now and search engines are better (tho not w/out a cost).

meanwhile our old LJs trudged on through changing hands and times. it *is* nice to have decade old LJ friends.

everyone's asleep here, even the cat.

hey, did you ever hear of the Facebook Of Power? cryptogon had something on it this past week or so. seems it was set up on an encrypted net for the G20 leaders to use to converse and hobnob. a sign of the times, i tell you. no wonder there's lousy communication between them all. (j/k)
If you do, I'll read them. I was thinking the same thing earlier today. So I posted. At least it's out of my head, for the moment.
aw pretty lady we miss you on here too..I myself need to update more often...I remember writing on here like everyday XD