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February and I appear to have a truce.

Usually February is my worse month for depression because I have S.A.D. on top of my regular depression, but oddly enough I've been doing things and making plans instead of climbing under a mental rock. I am optimistic!

It's especially surprising since the cramps in my hips, legs, and feet are getting much worse despite the upped dosage of cyclobenzaprine, so you might think I'd be MORE down in the dumps. Maybe it's the zoloft, and it probably is in part, but I think a certain someone has a large part in it too.

Josie has become much more attentive and affectionate since her operation, and she still hasn't grown any larger than she was at 5 months and she's 10 months now, so I think my little kitten is staying a kitten. I am in trouble. The cute, it cannot be resisted!

Been playing SW:TOR which would be fun all on it's own but I get to play with Brandon and Hoss, so that makes it extra awesome!

I'm working with someone new who works with people with disabilities and we both have a lot of hope for finding a place for me. I can't stand not being productive, and being poor sucks ass too, so here's hoping we find the perfect niche for me :)